From death to multimillion dollar business. How awakening to the ‘more’ that we are allows us to experience the fullness of life that is our birthright.


It doesn’t seem to go together, does it? After all, realistic and practical (business) is contrary and separate from the spiritual (death and true self), which is most often cast aside to the realm of airy-fairy, woo-woo, right?

  • At one time everyone ‘knew’ the earth was flat. That consensus didn’t make it so.
  • Scientists once laughed at the idea we would talk to one another over great distances through a wire, much less without it.
  • How ridiculous it was that we would one day harness the power of electricity. Today, we can clap our hands to turn the lights on.
  • Scientists of the day concluded the human body would spontaneously combust before man would run a 4-minute mile. Today, if you don’t break that barrier you’re not in the running.

With a little research we find that every single advancement and achievement humanity has ever made, in every field of endeavor throughout our history, was met by contemporaries as outlandish, or worse.

Unfortunately for those who ‘know’ what’s real, someone always steps forward to expand the boundaries imposed by realism and practicality as nothing more than an illusion.

Of course, we have free will to immerse ourselves (even lose ourselves) in the notion of separation. But, it’s still an illusion.

“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” ~Albert Einstein


A near-death experience at the age of ten revealed to me that ‘who we are’ is not the body; we are not the ego-personality, nor is our consciousness contained within our brain.

It was undeniable life did not end when my physicalness ceased to function. There really is more to life than meets the eye.

At such a young age, I could not articulate what I had experienced. As with any child, I looked to whom I expected to have the answers.

Anxiously I listened to explanations provided from an endless parade of adults, medical professionals, and clergy of myriad faiths and beliefs.

Much to my dismay, and confusion, I was left with the realization neither age nor credential ensures one’s knowledge or understanding, any more than does possessing a drivers license prove one can drive (as you may have noticed on a road near you!) ;-)

The Journey

Questions swirled in my mind. Why did the adults not have the answers? And, since they obviously didn’t, who does?

If that were not unsettling enough, overtime the questions became… if we are not the body, and if I am alive when the body isn’t… then… who am I? And, who are you?

With this as a starting point, my life-path naturally became a journey of discovery.

Opinions or Knowledge

As the old adage goes… everyone has an opinion. For many, that’s the final say, the ultimate truth. Of course, that doesn’t make it true.

We contrive ideas while under the influence of past experiences, educational backgrounds, beliefs, what those around us accept… all acting as filters to our perceptions, which result in opinions of what we ‘think’ is, or isn’t.

It would be 23-years before understanding of my experience surfaced, through another significant experience I fondly refer to as ‘an awakening.’ Suffice to say, we do not have a singular, but rather a progression of awakenings.

When the student is ready, the teacher will come.

Shortly thereafter, life blessed me with the Makatti (”free people”), a Native American tribe originally comprised of members from 13 different tribal nations. More on this later.

What’s with the ‘GreatOwl’ stuff?

For the record, the use of the word ‘great’ in this instance is not associated with any notion of egoism or superiority. None are greater nor lesser in the big scheme of things.

‘GreatOwl’ is the name given me by the Makatti Elders, when I was honorarily adopted into the tribe a couple of decades ago, as of this writing.

As with many cultures, names have significance to Native Americans. The owl sees in the dark, thus credited with attributes of seeing what others do not. As you might suspect, the experience of seeing beyond death is an appropriate association.

For those with interest, future posts will provide more on “Owl Medicine” and why the Elders chose this as my name.

To be in this world, not of it.

We are born in sacred balance, albeit ultimately misaligned for many. Even so, it is by design we walk with one foot in the physical world of material substance and sensory, and one foot within the dimensions of spirit and sacred life.

We will find significant value aligning in harmony with the Earth and our divine nature, as it is the supreme design of our essential Self and human experience.

That is to say; we are granted the luxury of utilizing spiritual insight practically while experiencing this gloriously sensory life upon this lush emerald gem we call earth.

It has proven quite practical within my life-walk. Functioning in alignment with how life actually works, as opposed to trying to make life work the way we want it to, can be highly beneficial in all aspects of our life-experience.

It is an awakening unto the remembrance of our True Self, which allows for our own supreme guidance to lead us to our divine inheritance during this grand, earthly sojourn.

Thus, this blog’s name: Luminosity – notes from the field.

In due time, this will not seem such a stretch. For the moment, however, give yourself permission to consider that your true inheritance… the life you are meant to experience… is far greater than you can imagine it to be.

Because… it is.

I came to know this from first-hand experience. Should you choose to venture into your birthright, you shall also find this to be true… through your own personal experience. You see, that is the only way to move beyond opinion, into knowing.

Passing through this doorway, what before seemed magical is rightfully revealed as natural. It has always been there, beyond the limited boundaries of our imagination or intellect.

It is as if blinders are removed, and chains that have bound us are unshackled; what was previously veiled by the darkness of deception, shines forth unencumbered in our life.

Once you become reacquainted with truth, your knowing through experience will render opinions of no importance. You will regain your inalienable rights, and your self-empowerment can never again be taken away or manipulated.

“When you are immune to the opinions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

Who am I?

I’m no different than you. I interact within this world, support and provide for my parents, siblings, staff, and their families. Face the same pressures, demands and challenges (blessings in disguise). Constantly in awe of nature and its incredible beauty, and have more interests than I’ll ever have time to pursue as deeply as I would care to.

If there is a difference, if you choose to call it that, it may be I’ve simply learned how to accept and allow life to support and unfold me in the manner which it was designed to do so.

It is a warm and gentle nudging which prompts me to share this openly. I’ve resisted it for years.

This represents but a humble endeavor to share how one can access the guidance within us. Truly, it is the only source we’ll ever find influenced by no one with ulterior motives, never leading us astray, but steering us only and always to experience fully the life we are entitled by Divine Right.

And, in case it would humor you to have just a little more woo-woo…

I am Marc. I am An-Solathra. I am WhiteFeather.
My Grandfather is the Sun, and Grandmother the Moon.
I am son of the Great Spirit, and the Mother Spirit of the Earth.
I am brother to All Life.
I am another you.
And, you are another me.
I Am That I Am.
I am GreatOwl.

What’s really funny… the above will one day make perfect sense to you, if it doesn’t already :-)

En’ Lakésh,

One Light, expressed in myriad form. All Life Loves You, I know ’tis true; I feel it flowing through my heart, onward to you.

Copyright © 2009 - GreatOwlsPerch.com


1 Oriana Green at 11:24 am

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Great Owl…your story is fascinating, and I look forward to watching it unfold on these pages. I was especially struck by these 2 lines here: “I am another you. And, you are another me.” That was very powerful to me. Although I’m able to connect easily with animals, plants and minerals, feeling a deep human connection eludes me. But suddenly those 2 eloquent lines brought me closer to my fellow humans. (Though I’d still choose my dog for a companion over any person I know!)
May the light of many new moons shimmer blessings upon you and your new endeavor.

2 greatowl at 2:13 pm

Thank you so much for visiting and commenting, Oriana. My newness to this online stuff leaves me feeling presumptuous including another’s info without first obtaining permission. I certainly relate to your connections, all of which are ideal examples of ‘unconditional.’ Life has blessed me with 4 animal companions, three of whom were with me for 17-19 years each, and my newest is just shy of her 1st birthday. As always, I look forward to your ‘tweets’ and blog posts. Blessings to you ~greatowl

3 Shireen at 2:27 am

Dear Great Owl
Thank you for sharing your beautiful self with us. I too look forward to the unfolding of this great story – how truly exciting it is that the world-wide-web of ancient wisdom is coming to life upon this new age web of information and sharing. I am glad we are here.

In Joy

4 greatowl at 11:26 pm

Hi Shireen. Thank you so much for visiting… I so enjoy your site!
It feels like a coming-out party, so to speak, doesn’t it? Contrary to what many would have us believe, these are indeed exciting times. Truth is unveiling, one soul at a time… yet around this glorious Earth we can now communicate and share our stories with one another. I too am very glad we are here. Blessings to you!

5 Gayle at 6:34 pm


I understand what you write deep within my soul, and then I do not. I struggle with the changes your writing encourages and then abruptly am calm in the face of hurricane winds, knowing the truth of your words. Though I am both teacher and student, I look forward to your nudging. Thank you,
Gayle – CrystalButterfl

6 greatowl at 12:18 pm

Hi Gayle! My apologies for the delay in responding… the system did not notify me of your comment.

Thank you for sharing so openly and authentically. You express more concisely than I the paradox we face. Even as the rational mind grapples with the unseen, peace pervades our inner Self’s knowing of the unspeakable. Just as sacred texts of antiquity speak in parables on the surface, guidance is being offered the adept who ventures inwardly to acquire its understanding, experientially, wherein true knowing resides.

Everyone in our life nudges us to re-member. Thank you, Gayle, for nudging me!
En’ Lakésh

7 Lydia at 10:14 pm


I have followed this path of enlightenment and self-knowing for 10 years now and it never ceases to amaze me that “When the student is ready the teacher will come”. I still rock back and forth between the physical and spiritual but look forward to unlocking doors, removing blinders and walking through doorways to find my spiritual empowerment with all of you. I too look forward to the unfolding of this story and more Greatowl wisdom.


8 greatowl at 1:06 am

Hi Lydia, thank you so much for visiting! My sincere apologies for delay in replying. The site is not notifying me of comments for some reason.

Our unfolding together is truly a blessing to share. And always within us has our greatest teacher been there. It is as you say, a removing of blinders which allows our Authentic Self to shine forth. That is truly our only task. All else naturally falls into place as we do so. Thank you for your presence and encouragement, Lydia.


P.S. I *heart* dark chocolate hehe

9 Kimberly Saavedra at 1:16 am

I thank you.

10 greatowl at 1:43 pm

Kimberly, thank you so much for visiting!

It is as you have so eloquently conveyed on your site, we each hold a piece of the sacred puzzle, for there is only life. Indeed!

En’ Lakésh
I am another you, you another me, for together there is One.

Blessings and Love to you,

11 Valory at 1:03 pm

Dearest Marc Great Owl,

Your beautiful and soul-full tweets have led me to your site here to bask in its lovely peaceful energy. Thank you for your sharings. I look forward to visiting often.

Your fellow dark chocolate lover :-)

12 greatowl at 8:37 pm

Gracious Valory,

Thank you so much for your radiant presence and heart-felt kindness. I look forward to our sharing and growing, together. Fortunately, life offers us the grand and lush abundance of enough dark chocolate to go ’round ;-)

Blessings and Love to you,

13 Martha Cooper at 6:17 am

Dear Marc,
What a pleasure to meet you-which is another miracle of technology. Your insights resonate and Truth is True – no matter what arena we find it. Thank you for challenging us to Wonder – Think and Listen.
I am grateful our paths have crossed and will be following you.

14 greatowl at 10:43 am

Hi Martha,

Thank you so much for visiting! Yes, it is amazing how technology has re-sized this great big beautiful world & opened awareness to humanity’s inter-connectedness. Just yesterday I was admiring your beautiful pottery! Your moving from a neighboring state (NC) to Costa Rico caught my attention; that must have been a major experiential shift, huh? ;-) I too am grateful our paths have crossed. Truly your presence is greatly appreciated!

Blessings and Love,

15 Elle at 2:13 am

Dear Marc GreatOwl,

Thank you for sharing your exquisite path. I have tears welling as I feel a deep gratitude for you and your eloquence. I am walking through the dark night of the south, the past and programming that keeps us bound with ego, fear and separation. I have known from my youngest years that everything is connected. Amazing teachers have blessed my life and now I find you at exactly the moment I truly need it. As a very busy mother with an impulse to change the paradigm of my family’s life, I crave the stillness and a connection to another who sees. And as I write this I feel that connection immediately because it was always there. In this moment of intentional communication, even if virtually anonymous, I feel the emergence and convergence and the unspeakable awe that we all are.

thank you, Greatowl.

Elle “Merlin Hawk”

16 greatowl at 6:10 pm

Dear Elle ‘Merlin Hawk’

Thank you so much for visiting, and sharing your family’s glorious adventure! I look forward to digging into your sharings more in-depth on your blog! My youngest brother and sister-in-law also homeschool… 6 children! Although, the 2 oldest are now into college, and the 2 youngest (four-year-old twins) are in some ways just beginning :-)

Ah yes, inevitably we arrive at that moment of awakening from our programmed slumber and peer clearly beyond the filters of our past experiences into a seemingly new light. Yet it has always been there, awaiting our answering admittance. What at first appears filled with the fears of ego, transforms into the celebration of life unbounded. Oh the sweet joys of unfolding! Congratulations, my friend, and welcome to the grand sojourn of Love’s radiant design!

I honor yours and P. daddy’s choices, and so deeply respect and admire the radiance of your family’s glowing unfolding!

Blessings and Love always,

17 Gloria at 3:15 pm

Thank you. i do believe we are in the midst of a great unfolding, as you say, soul by soul, and individual experience, by individual experience–each one reminding us who we really are, and what we are really capable of. :) True; all is, as it is. We the observers and the participants.

18 greatowl at 9:30 am

Hi Gloria, Thank you!

Indeed, as was shared with us long ago, those “with eyes that see and ears that hear…” need only observe current events, personally and collectively, to witness the true unfolding. The time long spoken of has arrived. And as the Hopi Elders have offered; “All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

Blessings and Love to you,

19 Linda at 12:28 am

I just ‘found’ this and know I was guided. Owl is often one of my Spirit guides.
Your words resonate so much with me. My many lifetimes as a Native American always have a big part in my finding something like this. The love and genuine words that flow here bring a smile to my face. Thank you for sharing.

20 greatowl at 7:56 am

Linda, thank you for visiting and sharing!
As the adage goes, “Birds of feather flock together” :-)
Blessings and Love to you,

21 Kalapa at 10:24 am

What a pleasure to meet someone with a similar life experience.
i have nothing to add to your story. It is already complete!
I have always been feeling like being ‘each other’ since my childhood, especially with animals. I was labeled as an ‘emphatic sensitive’ (sounds like an aberrance. LOL)
Living in Europe, I find inspiration in the nature based spirituality of our ‘native’ ancestors: the Celts.
From this experience, It was a small step to Zen .
From our a warm and friendly sangha we disseminate the message of Loving Kindness all over the world.

By the way :My totem animal is ..Owl.
Warm greetings from your spiritual twin brother.

22 greatowl at 12:00 pm

Kalapa, warm greetings to you brother Owl!
LOL! it’s fascinating, this play… everyone is naturally empathic, yet some have so convinced themselves otherwise (’de-sensitized’) that it appears abnormal… even while all marketing, persuasion, and coercion plays wholly upon this natural attribute of life’s oneness.

The life that is nature, is also our life; the nature of this life, also our nature. One the same; inseparable. Life, Itself, sangha. How very much sweeter is the experience of this life-walk, attuned!

Thank you for connecting, even if we’ve never been truly apart; yet how precious it is, we now embrace in life’s sangha.
Blessings and love to you brother.

23 Michele at 2:39 pm

Ah, Marc GreatOwl, thank you again, for sharing your experiences and authentic truth. Humble is so right. I am relishing every word here, and look forward to being on the inside of the woo-woo soon. :)

p.s. After a few years of wild animal rescue/rehab, the owls and me, we became pretty tight. hehe. GHO’s, barn, ever-adorable screech, burrowing, and pygmy, they all, all the animals, taught me the most life-changing, brilliant lessons. Time and time again, in their moments of pain, sickness, panic, fear, distress, and loss, they all still showed their courage, acceptance, grace, trust, love, and, as you’ve said, power. They are our teachers.

24 greatowl at 6:17 pm


Mmmm… how wonderful you have had such experiences with the animal friends… we can learn so much from all of nature, when we drop our ’smartness’ and open to what life says of its own. Like you say… “brilliant lessons.” :-)

25 Michele at 1:35 pm

Marc GreatOwl, please know I am still sending much gratitude for sharing your thoughts and experiences out here – all of what you said has resonated very deeply with me. And your challenge to speak mindfully and life affirming for one week has been amazing! (to put it mildly..)

I also was wondering if I may ask? I know you are “anonymous” here, and I don’t wish to impose on that, yet shortly after I found your site and commented, I received a related insight/message and have been pretty curious about it.

By any chance, do the words Rochester, Oaklane, or The Baileys mean anything to you? I wasn’t sure how to ask you this yet I do hope you reply either way! Please feel free to email me directly, and/or edit, or not post, this reply on your site too.

Oh! I also have a question about the moving sunrise prayer you posted on youtube a while ago. What do the words that are repeated at the end mean? Something like “reh jeunah est leen” I recognized those words as the same sung in Returning by Jennifer Berezan, which I have been listening to for several years.

Thank you!
En’ Lakésh,

26 greatowl at 2:35 pm

Dear Michele, thank you for your encouragement – very much appreciated!

The excerise is deceptively simple, yet quite powerful in the direct effect it has with our circumstances and heightening of awareness of cause/effect within this reflective world which we are experiencing ourselves. If I may, please allow me to encourage your continuance with its implementation.. even greater insight and results shall unveil.

My anonymity is not as much as it may seem; those who know me offline know me just as is presented, including my name as given. Yet it is true I maintain some degree of anonymity online. The reason is two-fold; for one, consensus places such emphasis on credentials, yet without direct-experience most credentials are purely perceptive and utterly worthless. I feel it more important for each to come about realizations from within themselves as opposed to concluding we know something merely because we’ve read it or someone with ‘credentials’ says it’s so. Secondly, the ego can utilize spirituality as well as any other resource as a means of self-gratification and perpetuation of its illusory existence. I choose not to participate nor perpetuate either.

To answer your question, however, I have no personal affiliation with the places or family (I assume) you’ve mentioned.

As for the song, I have only my own interpretation which may or may not be as intended. Just as most indigenous songs utilize vocables which have no literal meaning but are rather felt and understood within, thus given individual meaning by each… I’ve also found many literal translations are not always accurate. One of the reasons I find such beauty in indigenous music is that when we listen/feel from our heart it may have very different meaning to each.

I do not know Douglas Spotted Eagle (who performs this song)… I’ve read he’s not a ‘listed’ member of any tribal affiliation but was raised by Navajo and Lakota families. As I’m quite limited in literal language skills, I prefer not to mislead anyone by offering my own interpretations which may not be as intended.

From my perspective it’s not always necessary to be literal… we may listen and guidance may reveal what is important for us, yes?

I apologize if my answers do not answer anything (hee hee!)… yet truth is always available to us ‘within.’ :-)

Blessings and love dear heart.
En’ Lakésh

27 Jeffrey Willius at 12:39 pm

Hi Marc — What an inspiring story! You’ve truly opened your eyes and spirit to the innate wisdom that fills and surrounds each of us. By doing so, you let it both come and go.
I’d only add this from my own experience: one needn’t face tragedy nor any great enlightenment to find where one belongs spiritually. That journey can be made through a series of very ordinary little curiosities and wonders, if one only takes the time and pays attention.
Keep up your great work and writings!

28 greatowl at 4:40 pm

Hi Jeffrey, thank you for visiting and sharing.

Indeed, as spirit incarnate there is no moment we are not spiritual; even what may be perceived as mundane is a spiritual experience. From my perspective, this lush sensory-filled experience of life is exquisitely sweet and extraordinary, when our eyes are open, and we’re viewing from the heart.
Thank you for your encouragement!
Blessings and love to you..

29 Nana at 7:44 am

Fellow traveller – thank you for the way you share your journey. Today I came across a copy of the prayer of the chalice which I had memorized many years ago and since forgotten. In searching for a printable copy, I met you and am grateful.
I am a grandmother in the deep South, retired and married to an attorney. Conjure up any images??? Sense of “journey-ing” has been mine since childhood. Always have felt very connected to creation and creatures – music, art and children. Much of my earthly life spent in a Christian environment, for which I am grateful as all has been part of the “teaching”.
Closer in age to leaving my body, my wonder and humility increases. I so appreciate the sharing of a silent Friends (Quaker) meeting where I sense the “connection” more clearly than our traditional Christian church which I also attend at times. I read writings of Buddhists, Hindus and more knowing that really, it is all “within” despite the words.
I struggle at times with concepts, lonliness and confusion. Still I have a “knowing” that it’s o.k., for I am growing in finding and remaining with the divinity within (and without)!
So many threads connect us all. I am grateful for sharing.

30 greatowl at 11:44 am

Dear Nana,

After years of hearing my nephews and nieces refer to my mother as “Nana,” it is somehow odd yet also quite fitting to address you as such :-) Thank you for sharing of yourself and this miraculously “whole” earthly sojourn.

It’s a blessing you’ve found the Prayer of the Chalice post worthy of printing. In my own usage, I’ve changed some of the wording to more appropriately reflect my own experiences, yet chose to post it as was originally gifted to me because it fittingly forms a chalice.

At the end of the day, the concepts are only important for the intellect, ironically, wherein all confusion and sense of lonliness is derived. Yet, as you acknowledge, the “knowing that it’s okay” is still present, for the truth of you remains unrestricted by intellect. Let us, then, remain an astonished witness within Beauty’s myriad expressions.

Love’s endless blessings to you.

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