Experience the Internal Fountain of Life

by greatowl


Inner-SpringOur lives unfold effortlessly to the degree we choose alignment with the natural flow of Life. Conversely, our lives are endlessly riddled with strife and struggle, proportionate to our choices contradicting Life’s natural flow.

Life adds unto Life, sustaining Itself. One need only observe nature to witness the organic fluidity of Life and Its self-sustenance. A stream nourishes all within and along its flow.

Choosing to live contrary to the natural order of Life results in conflict, despair and suffering. It is a contrived approach of improper thinking, believing, and being, requiring continual coercion and manipulation.

As coercion and manipulation are at the expense of Life in one way or another, it is forever in opposition to the natural flow of Life adding unto Life. We need only look at the inorganically contrived economic system for example. As a contrived approach, it requires continual manipulation and coercion which takes from the Life of someone or some-thing for its perpetuation, thereby negating the natural flow of Life unto all.

Aligning With the Flow of Life


“Life fills from within, overflowing throughout.”

Life adds unto Life, always. For harmony within our lives, we may choose to align with the natural flow of Life.

Choosing to add unto Life, aligns us with Life’s natural flow of true receiving.

Every moment, consciously or unconsciously, we make choices which either add unto Life, or take away from Life. With every thought, feeling, idea, belief, word or action, we either affirm Life, or negate Life.

We may see this clearly in our relationships.

The Mirror of Relationships


took this in North Carolina

“In our relationships is found the reflection of our relationship with ourselves. Our relationship with ourselves mirrors our relationship with Life.”

Imagine meeting someone, both feeling an excitement in each others company. The excitement wells-up from within, naturally overflowing unto each other and the life of the relationship.

If at some point one shifts to dependence upon the other for happiness or fulfillment, one now takes away from the Life of the other. One draws from the other for some form of sustenance, rather than both adding unto each other. Ultimately, if left uncorrected, the Life of the relationship is drained as the natural flow of Life is negated.

Relationships are not limited between you and another person. We are immersed in ever-present interactions inclusive of everyone and everything around us.

“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness.” ~Albert Einstein

The Internal Fountain of Life


The naturally self-sustaining flow of Life fills from within, overflowing unto all Life. When we add unto Life around us, we naturally align with the renewing flow of the Internal Fountain of Life.

“You are a chalice which can never quite be filled from external sources, yet overflows the brim from within.”

In seeking externally for sustenance, we effectively restrict our receiving from the inner-spring of Life. In a sense, we turn our back to Life.

Our true sustenance fills from within as we add Life unto Life, for it is the natural flow of Life, Itself.

The irony is; while one may struggle in efforts outwardly for inner-fulfillment, all the outer attributes of fulfillment manifest naturally as we attune inwardly with Life.

“Just as a seed carries the flower we’ve yet to see, within you is the divine pattern you are birthed to be.”

Experiential Knowledge of Truth


Life experiences Itself through Its expression. Truth refers to Life’s pure expression, and therefore must be lived to be realized.

“The truth is lived, not taught.” ~Hermann Hesse

In this way, our experiences are akin to initiations.

Many who came before us have offered glimpses into the beauty and promise of our true Birthright. Though their insights are warm and profound, familiarity with their words is not the ’seed’ from which we harvest such unfolding for ourselves.

Knowledge borrowed from another has no foundation within us, it merely points the way. We must do as those who came before us did, and delve within to unveil the truth birthed of direct-experience.

“If you take in my words but do not digest them, you’ll have to color every truth with your own imaginings.” ~Rumi

We may resonate as true, the words or actions of another. We may read, memorize, and quote what another imparts. Yet, without direct-experience we can only form judgments and beliefs of which we have no true-knowing. Without the initiation of living-experience, we only ‘think’ we know of truth, but we do not truly know.

“Not one thought you hold is wholly true.” ~ACIM

No one can give us our truth, enlighten, nor awaken us from the dreams of our own illusions.

No one can grant or develop our inherent attributes, qualities, or abilities for us.

No one outside ourselves can provide us with our life-answers, save us from our choices, or fix the ailed circumstances resultant from our previous choices.

We ourselves must choose to follow-through with our inner-work. It is our own responsibility. Our Birthright awaits our own discovery, nurturing and expressed fulfillment.

“Work in the invisible world at least as hard as you do in the visible.” ~Rumi

We ourselves must dive into the fertile soil of experience, surrendering preconceived ideas in exchange for unfolding Life’s true expression through us.

There is no cheating or shortcuts. We may gain slight understandings which satisfy our mind, yet we gain not the experience of which to embody and express purely.

There are no secrets, only that which we have yet applied ourselves to unveil and experience in our own unique way.

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” ~ Buddha

We can justify and convince ourselves of anything, yet it is only playing a game. Only when we stop buying-into our own contrived stories, do we allow for the unfolding of our Birthright.

The Power of Choice


greets front of my home

We are solely responsible for our choices. Every choice we make has an effect upon ourselves and others. Whether we are conscious or unconscious of our choices is also a choice. Even to withhold making a choice is still to have made one.

“For as long as we defer the power of our choices to others, shall mockery be made of our irresponsibility.”

We are, every moment, choosing alignment with Life or opposition to Life. We need only look at the circumstances of our lives to determine which predominates.

Outer circumstances do not define us; rather, they reflect how we are defining ourselves. The circumstances in our lives mirror our choices, individually and collectively.

If you would reclaim the sovereignty of your true Birthright… if you would choose to unveil the beauty and fullness of Life which you exist to experience… commit yourself to acceptance of your responsibilities and attune with Life.

Personal Experience


front of my parents home

Through various exercises, my Sister of heart and spirit, Shaman of the tribe that adopted me, would plant ’seeds’ which were my responsibility to nurture, mature and harvest.

The purpose of an exercise is akin to a seed being planted. Performance of the exercise nurtures the seed within the fertile soil of experience. Through direct-experience one may reap what is sown. Our commitment is solely our own responsibility.

The following is a simple exercise. If applied, you shall experience for yourself that; giving naturally allows for true receiving; and, the outer world of circumstances is a reflection of our choices.

I have shared with you two harvests derived from this exercise. On their own they carry the potential to affect life-affirming changes in your life. Still, even grander harvests await you. These you may unveil if you apply yourself to the exercise.


For one week, verbalize only that which affirms Life.

That is to say, let no word exit your lips unless those words affirm or add Life unto Life in some way. Ensure that every word you speak adds beauty, joy, grace or Love unto yourself, everyone, and everything around you.

“Do not speak unless it improves on silence.” – Buddha

For example; before engaging in gossip, small-talk, or humor, ask yourself if what you are about to verbalize adds Life unto all concerned, or if it is at the expense of Life to any?


Imagine you are running late for work; it is raining and as you rush to your car you notice a tire is flat. We can imagine quite a few ‘choice’ words of expression with such a circumstance.

Before you express yourself, consider if what you are about to say is life-affirming, or life-negating. What possibilities might exist? Perhaps the delay allows you to miss involvement in an accident. Perhaps there is a cheerful response.


Imagine you are driving a busy road; someone suddenly pulls out in front of you, requiring you to slam on the breaks to avoid hitting them. We can imagine our body’s response; the shock we may feel or the gasp we might make. We can imagine the potential for ‘choice’ words to be expressed.

Will your words add unto Life or negate Life? Consider the possibilities.

Perhaps they were preoccupied and serve as a reminder for us to be fully present. Maybe we were preoccupied and their action brought us fully present. Perhaps they are upset from the loss of a loved one. We do not know the battles another fights within themselves.

For just one week, one moment at-a-time, be fully conscious of your words. Speak only that which adds Life unto Life around you, and takes Life away from none.

Please note:

life-danceThis exercise is not limited to your interactions with others. It’s applicable to self-talk and verbalization directed towards objects.

Think what you may, yet if you curse the door upon which you stump your toe, you still take away from Life, if only your own. Any remark which is diminishing or condemning to yourself, anyone, or any-thing, is choosing to take away from Life.

Every expression reflects our relationship with ourselves, thus our relationship with Life. All expressions birth consequences in our lives moving forward.

You might simply look to the sky after a big “Ouch!” and with a giggle exclaim “Good joke, Grandfather! I’ll pay attention from now on.” Perhaps you might smile broadly and exclaim, ‘Joy to this glorious day, I am now Awake to enjoy it!’

Perhaps you may offer a blessing of Love and peace unto the driver who pulled out in front of you, or thank them for bringing you fully into the present moment. Perhaps you shall thank the flat tire with gratitude that it went flat before you were driving down the road, or left stranded roadside. ;-)

The point is, have fun with the exercise, be creative. Don’t take things so seriously. Life need not be one drama after another. It is not intended to be a drama at all; it is but our choices which make it seem so.

Although this exercise may seem overly-simplistic, I can assure you it has profound implications. Yet, don’t take my word for it. Commit to this simple exercise and harvest what unfolds for yourself.

Have fun, and please do return to share what insights you garner and harvests you reap.


With all thy heart let gratitude be your song & dance, for everything around you is Life’s returning glance.

Blessings and Love always, in all ways.

En’ Lakésh (I am another you)

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1 Gayle McCain at 12:36 am

Marc ~

Thank for giving me things to ponder.


2 greatowl at 9:53 am

Hi Gayle,
Thank *you* for visiting and sharing of your presence!
Blessings and Love,

3 Dori at 10:50 pm

Dear Marc,
Thank you for this posting. I am very grateful our paths crossed via Twitter. The exercise will be very good for me as lately I have thought and let slip a few “choice words” in relation to non-compliant computer applications. I have also noticed & “corrected” myself right away. However, I can be more mindful. Your mentioning of relationship is very timely for me. I’ll let you know what happens.
Thank you for YOUR presence & practice.
Many blessings & always Love, Dori

4 greatowl at 10:14 am

Hi Dori,
Ah yes, I can *so* relate with you regarding technology! :-) Yet it facilitates such a depth of sharing amongst so many around the world. This exercise is but one in a series my Sister requested of me, each building upon the other, yet it was instrumental in a major shift for me and I still benefit from its application… we are in relationship with all of Life every moment, hence, Mitakuye Oyasin (All My Relations). Thank you for visiting and *your* presence.
Blessings and Love,

5 Dori at 2:45 pm

Welcome back Marc!
It feels funny to say that. In a sense you never left, and yet you’ve been in retreat and, in respect of your retreat experience, not too available. As you process this I am curious of what you touched & brought back, so to speak.

As you can see, it is 3/7. I’ve been doing this exercise for almost a month. It is amazing, especially when coupled with seeing the other person as me. Stating in my mind: “This is another me. This person is me. I am another your self.” And, when using those statements, thinking them slowly, very slowly. The feeling of them creates an opening, an expansion within my heart center and solar plexus that is difficult to describe, then an incredible feeling of love emanates.

Thank you and your Sister for this practice.

6 greatowl at 8:50 am

Hi Dori, and thank you!
It feels I’m still not quite back yet :-) As you mention there is much to ‘process.’ What I can say is we have such grand opportunity of expansion.

It is very good you put this exercise into practice. It is so easy to overlook that which on the surface seems too simple to be important. While I offered this exercise for a week, I’ve personally returned to it repeatedly for nearly 20-years, and can attest to its profound implications.

I wish not to ‘give-away’ the many treasures which may be harvested, yet I will say that we can only speak aloud that which we are first mindful of. In other words, we must first align our minds to look for the life-affirming gift in every event, circumstance and interaction, before we can verbalize life-affirmingly.

Other aspects of this have been hinted at in previous posts, all of which lay a foundation for things to come. What we garner is proportionate to our application, and what you share of your experience thus far attests to this. Ahhh… to feel love emanate within our interactions is truly worthy of celebration, is it not?

Blessings and Love to you,

7 Antonia at 1:26 pm

Thanks, Marc! Beautiful post, quotes, thoughts, suggestions. Blessings, Dear One~*~Much Love

8 greatowl at 11:49 pm

Thank *you* Antonia! So grateful for your radiant presence!
Blessings and Love to you *¨☼`*

9 Jen at 3:51 pm

Thank you Marc <3

10 greatowl at 7:24 pm

Ahhh, ’tis Love which is the bestower and recipient of all blessings.
Blessings and love to you dear Jen <3

11 Wahneta at 9:33 pm

Powerful words to contemplate, dream upon… thank you.

12 greatowl at 1:43 am

Wahneta, thank you for visiting and commenting.
Blessings to you

13 Anna at 5:42 pm

Oh Great Owl (how I love to address a message thus!) I am so grateful for your website – it is a beautiful reflection of my experiences at the moment. I have my feet in the waters of surrender and bliss yet my head seems fixed in a state of fear that “letting go” is going to mean having to see the beauty in things that are challenging to translate. Can I ask you two questions? From your place of peaceful awareness, do you ever falter in your surrender to life? Do you ever revisit human/brain perceptions of the world and in the face of the “mind chatter” have to intentionally surrender to it or are you always ALWAYS in a state of blissful observation? Thankyou. There seems to be alot of “protocol” when it comes to communicating with higher spirits…opening/closing sessions/order of spirits to communicate with/coning etc. I struggle with this. Is it ok to find your own way to open to God or do we really have to follow “guidelines” channeled from higher beings to us through mediums? Please excuse my “mind chatter”…With love and gratitude, Anna xo

14 Anna at 6:05 am

GreatOwl – I am sorry, when I asked those questions I hadn’t read your second spiritual awakening article – it explains everything. Thankyou for sharing such an amazing experience in words…what a translation! I have been so close to surrendering into this golden ball of light that beckons to me in moments of deep relaxation and feeling amazing sensations of expansion and bliss but I keep resisting and “chattering/panicking” because I am raising a family and I am scared that I will lose them if I expand into my truth…I am laughing as I type this because I know it sounds crazy to cling to illusion when I am being offered my truth…My world is so defined at the moment and for that reason it feels “safe” but I too had a near death experience as a child and even before that, I was aghast that my parents couldn’t explain to me what death was and why we were here on the earth (apparently I used to approach perfect strangers and ask them these questions when I was aged as young as four…) and I also experienced my beloved Mum’s suicide twelve years ago which was, without social definition, an amazing awakening for me and then when “the world” rushed in, became a terribly upsetting and heavy time (not a birdsong to be heard…) Now, I am ready to surrender but my brain chatters on and wants some guarantees…my fear of losing my family is a concept that I look at and turn over in my hands every day and I wish I could just let it go and see it for the falsehood that it is…There is no loss. I feel that in my heart…I just don’t know it in my head. Sending you so much gratitude for the light that is your website, Anna xo

15 greatowl at 12:33 pm

Dear Anna,

Thank you for visiting and commenting. There is never reason nor need for apologies where I am concerned.

What lovely questions! I smile as I read your posts; for you to ask such pertinent questions, signifies you already know the answers. This is as it should be.

“…my head seems fixed in a state of fear that ‘letting go’ is going to mean having to see the beauty in things that are challenging to translate.”

We experience a sunset. We may feel a need or desire to articulate it with words as a poem. Or express the experience visually as a painting. Or we may hear the experience musically and wish to express it as such. We may wish or feel need to explain the sunset scientifically.

All are well and good. Yet, may we not also simply experience the beauty and blessing of the sunet without need to define or explain it?

As we open unto, and experience the more expansive consciousness that we are, there will be instances the mind will simply not grasp it, much less translate it. It is a challenge only to the mind. If or when we may have need to express it, the means to do so will happen of its own.

Even so, it may perhaps still seem we have not done so completely or accurately. We need not concern ourselves with such. There need be no challenge. We may simply enjoy the sweetness and expansiveness of this experience of life without concern of defining it.

“…do you ever falter in your surrender to life? Do you ever revisit human/brain perceptions of the world and in the face of the “mind chatter” have to intentionally surrender to it or are you always ALWAYS in a state of blissful observation?”

Perceptions are relative. What is deemed lacking spirituality to one, may be spiritual bliss to another.

My Cheyenne brother ‘hawk’ visited me for the past few days. In nature, the hawk and owl hunt the same turf; one by day, the other by night. They each feed upon the preditors of the other one’s prey, thus assisting each with survival. My bother is predominantly left-handed, I am predominantly right handed; we balance-out rather well. ;-)

He came to help me build a retaining wall. We sat and surveyed the natural flow of life and land, and determined where and how the retaining wall would best serve its function, yet be aligned with the existing environment. We did not force anything.

We worked hard, mixing and pouring forty-six, 60 lb bags of cement. We sweated all day for two days. Perhaps some may not consider this as spiritual, much less blissful. Yet, I will say at no time does anyone put their spirit aside when they work. All life is spirit; no matter what we are doing we are still spirit. The treat is that we may access more expansive awareness and bring our fuller beingness into whatever it is we are doing.

And, what miraculous bodies we have to do such things. What a blessing it is to have a brother of heart volunteer to help do such hard work. We had a good time, laughing along with our straining muscles, attuning with the area and trees I wished to protect.

Let me ask a question. If we become aware of ourselves revisiting so-called ‘normal, every-day’ perceptions, and we catch ourselves to return to a broader observation point, is there really such a thing as to “falter?”

As we begin awakening, we often catch ourselves ’sleep-walking’ again and again. Yet, each time we catch ourselves as such, we may bring ourselves back to a more expanded awareness. As we do this, each time we remain more fully aware for longer periods of time, thus ‘falling asleep’ less and less frequently. I do not view this as faltering, but as awakening. Awakening may happen to some as a finite moment, yet my own experience has been more of an ever-more continual expansiveness.

“There seems to be alot of ‘protocol’ when it comes to communicating with higher spirits…opening/closing sessions/order of spirits to communicate with/coning etc. I struggle with this. Is it ok to find your own way to open to God or do we really have to follow ‘guidelines’ channeled from higher beings to us through mediums?”

I once made a drum. I cleaned the hair from the hide, soaked and tanned it, stretched it around the rim and drew it tight with leather I had trimmed for this purpose. I made the drum stick from a small branch which had fallen from a ’special-to-me’ tree on the property I onced lived.

This drum is rather large, with a deep tone which resonates with my body. I would often sit and drum at dusk. As I would lose myself within the deep tonality, my body beginning to vibrate, a higher pitched resonance could be heard and I would drift away into a more expansive consciousness.

The energy of life flowed through me into this drum as I made it. I concentrated and made it with care. The drum is a tool, yet this drum is sacred to me.

Suppose I gifted you this drum. You may appeciate it and respect it out of respect for me. You may honor it as a sacred tool. Yet it is not truly sacred to you.

Suppose one day you take the drum to a small stream. On your way perhaps a bird ally gifts you a feather to let you know it is with you. You carefully attached the feather to the drum with reverence and gratitude. As you sit by the stream you begin to drum. The resonance of the drum allows you to slip from the daily concerns of man’s world into a greater expanse of your beingness. The drum is still a tool, yet, you have now put your “juices” into it; life-force has flowed through you into the drum, the energy of your bird ally is part of it, and it has assisted you in a sacred journey. Now this drum is sacred to you.

When my sister of heart and spirit would share certain things with me, she would always preface it with this; “Brother, I will share with you the way it was taught to me, that you may know how it has been handed-down through many generations without corruption. Yet, I will share this with you only if you will agree to change it as it works best for you.”

To many this may seem inappropriate or disrespectful. There are many traditions in this world. Some of these traditions are followed with no knowledge of why they are followed as they are. It has been handed-down and respected as such. Yet, each of us must adapt to how it works best for us individually. Some will say this is wrong to do. I would ask exactly who knows better what works best for me?

Consciousness is life. Life as we see it (for example, as you and a tree), is consciousness individualized. Thus, in a manner of speaking, we experience the one consciousness of life, as multiple individualized units of consciousness. Yet, of all the individualizations, there is no higher being than your own true self, for the truth of you is the same oneness that is life Itself.

The guideliness you follow are your heart. The heart is the doorway and the guide. No one outside you knows your heart better than you. Perhaps it is better we devote more to becomng fully acquainted with our heart, than to spend so much time following advice from other beings.

If individualized units of consciousness offer us guidance, we must always utilize discernment. Simply because a being may not be incarnate, does not mean they are any more spiritually advanced. The truly advanced will always and only guide you back unto yourself.

The guise of manipulation, coercion and untruths, are always found mixed within partial truths. That is how deception works… sprinkled partial truths are used to disguise the deception of ulterior motives.

Follow your heart. Open unto the expanse of your true self. No outside source knows your higher good better, for in truth there is no ‘outside’ source. As we grow in trust of our heart, the outer world experiences grow in reflection of confirmation and validation; these are the guarantees which the mind seeks in advance…. yet, to follow truth precedes them, rather than subsequent to them.

Blessings and love to you dearheart,

16 Anna at 8:03 pm

Oh this is fabulous! Thankyou. Birds have gifted their feathers to me in a number of poignant times in my life. This morning, before I read your reply, I was lying in bed listening to the ocean winds and my son’s breathing and marvelling in the symphony of the sounds together and suddenly I found myself asking “God, as I expand into thee, is it ok if I still love clothes?” I burst out laughing at myself…This happens to me alot and it is very amusing “Am I a conscious being if I throw this green juice on the garden and eat a lemon cupcake instead?” My questions are very funny because my brain has fixed this idea of what an enlightened person “looks like”. So for example I was a panicking a little while ago because my husband and children eat meat and most of the people around me do not actively seek expansion so I had this idea that if I didn’t stop where I was in my love affair with my heart/God, I would lose all of them because somewhere up there was a great Vegan God guarding the gates of heaven…the concept of which is at the heart of every human conflict in history. And another fear arose because I couldn’t find anyone of consciously expanding soul who had children! Of course this supposed and perceived dichotomy is simply part of the great illusion…and I see that all of my requirements for validation of my journey have been because I don’t fit my own description of an awakened soul. How exhausting to be creating these beautiful, original sculptures of love only to knock them down afterwards because they don’t “fit the bill”. I have even feared gardening because I couldn’t remember the order of spirits to ask for for guidance and kept forgetting to close coning sessions only to wake up panicked at 3 in the morning to say an apologetic Amen to Pan. I love that you build retaining walls with your heart brother, I love that you use concrete, I love that you sweat and work and resonate with drum beat and most of all, I love that I can send a message out on my computer asking “Is it ok to just be me, in the moment that I am?” and I wake up to a beautiful and firm “Yes dearheart” Thankyou GreatOwl, I am yours in gratitude, Anna

17 greatowl at 10:01 am

haha! Yes, the marvel of our mind at play… I’ve been known to ’slick-back’ my wings :-) But as the old adage goes: ‘Before Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water; after Enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.’ The difference is the fullness of being and awareness brought into our activities. It’s wonderful to be centered while meditating, yet to bring our fullness into our activities is where the sweetness of life may be realized.

We can imagine ourselves to be anything, projecting it into this world of reflection. Such grand creativity is accessible at any given moment. Yet my experience has proven to me that regardless how fantastic our imaginings, it pales in comparison to truth. We needn’t project images of ourselves. Allowing our true nature to emerge is so amazingly superior to anything we can possibly conjure up for ourselves.

The same life that breathes the tree, breathes you and me. The life of nature is also our life. The nature of life is also our nature. As there is one life breathing all life, when we live from our fullness there is no ‘part’ of life which is not already involved and aligned with all we do. If we live gratitude for life in all we do, we are living an expression of gratitude for all the supposed ‘parts.’

In gratitude for you,

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