Love Is Now

by greatowl


divine-sovereigntyThroughout the ages,
the message heralded by the Sages,
was dismissed by the unknowing,
and obscured by the deceiving.

The time has come, O’ Blessed One,
to delve within yourself deeply,
beyond the facade and rhetoric.

Now is the time, O’ Heart of Radiance,
to cast aside the veils of erroneous,
which holds your Birthright hostage.

It is time, O’ Be-Loved,
to acknowledge your Divine Sovereignty,
without doubt nor embarrassment,
nor the falseness of unworthiness.

It is this time, O’ Light Awakening,
to turn from seeking unto your knowing.

It is this time, O’ Love Unfolding,
to rise from diminished unto your radiance.

The time is now, O’ Glorious Great One,
which this world has long-awaited.

For it is this moment that has been foretold,
and unencumbered shall you behold…

You are the Light,
to which the night surrenders.

You are the Love,
in which all fear dissolves.

Arise, O’ Love;

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1 LunaJune at 11:06 pm

Oh my wonderful friend
your words could not come at a more better time
the thougths they share
the love they shine
simply devine

I had a dream 2 nights ago
sitting up high in a tree
a giant pine
legs straddled , against the trunk leaning
and to my right a giant Owl
we watched the setting sun
out over the lake
it was devine

2 greatowl at 8:09 am

your dream paints such a beautiful impression, to bring a smile to my eve’s :-) Thank you for sharing it!

There’s such a tranquility during the “in-between” times of dawn and sunset, my favorite times to meditate :-)
Blessings and Love to you, my good friend.

3 Gayle McCain at 12:10 pm

Interesting that just this morning I looked beyond the facade of my body. I was not ready to read this last night, or even when I first woke up (and thus the email wouldn’t open.) Imagine that.

Thank you.


4 greatowl at 7:40 am

How wonderful Gayle!
Divine-timing is ever-active; no need to force, simply allow the river to flow its course of celebration :-)

5 Dori at 3:40 pm

Thank you for this gift, Marc. Part of my daily prayer is: “May all beings who aspire to awakening do so in this very lifetime.” And so may it unfold.

6 greatowl at 8:04 am

A lovely prayer of service to others, Dori.
And, if one were to look beyond the surface of current events, circumstances and dramas, a clear message is found pointing all within to unveil such awakenings.

Humanity, as a whole, has reached a crucial point in its choosing. The choice of irresponsibility, of expecting and gifting power to others to fix things is being shown clearly as false, revealing the message of self-accountability and looking within for true resolution. My feeling is this will continue to become more pronounced and apparent, so as to be unavoidable and undeniable. It is indeed an interesting time :-)
Blessings and Love,

7 RavNLynx at 8:33 am

I’m so happy to have reread this… _/|\_

8 greatowl at 9:40 am

It’s good for me to also dearheart…
_/’\_ Love

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