Of Love for Love to Be

by greatowl


life is love blossoming

“We are all born for love; it is the principle of existence, and its only end.” ~Benjamin Disraeli

Of love for love to be, is life ever-birthing; for love, being, is life’s blossoming..

And when I love freely, without restriction of concern or pensiveness; without gauging acceptance, rejection or furtiveness..

..happiness fills me; life’s vibrant effortlessness, overflows of gladness..

Unceasing, a river flows through me; that which blossoms the flower, unfolds me..

Yet if I hide or hold-back in refrain of love’s candor, to be of equal measure with perceived censor; it requires effort and weightiness seeps in..

“The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

rainbows known of heart
Constrained, love is disallowed its boundless going, dimming life’s glowing; and rainbows then unknown, obscured from heart’s warming..

With childlike wonder, inherent is our nature to love, untaught; and still, heart’s counsel encourages without forethought, to live with all the love which love alone avails me..

For it is not ‘my’ love, nor of your bestowal; but the beauty of love adding unto itself as life unto life, nurturing all within and along its flow, freely..

“Love is the water of life.” ~Rumi

Thus love cannot be kept or stored, nor regulated or directed..

No toggle switch is found, which turns love off, nor lessens; no valve has love been bound, adjusting love’s beckon..

And though you heap upon it blame of suffering and brokenness,
the heart remains ever still, wholly open, free and changeless..

the heart is ever-open, whole & free“The mind and the body are famous for holding the heart ransom.” ~Hafiz

Humanity alone, decrees its own waning; unspoken etiquette, the cause of ailing, as if one could audit, when and how much love..

.. an implied hug of social fare, unfulfilled of heart; lip affair, unspoken by heart..

And should one cross the threshold wrought of acceptability; beauty is drown ‘neath sneering frown of undesirability..

Then quicken they in withdrawal, as a tortoise; with silent recant
of heart’s holy chant, distanced from dearness of love’s openness..

And beauty’s effortlessness is lost of heart’s compass; and avoidance by thought remains, where truth once reigned..

“The arrogance of reason has separated us from love.” ~Kabir

one life - one loveYet life is inseparable, streaming forth from within; what breathes the tree, breathes you and me..

And why too close is feared, of love untiered; an imagined identity,  protecting its falsity..

Llife is love being, to know and be known; as love overflows, the flowering of you unfolds..

You are your own negation, pretending to be alone; pulling back blank curtain, to hide what truth has shone..

And this is the very hindrance, which veils love from your knowing;
alight in love’s pure presence, all falsity there showing..

“Love sometimes wants to do us a great favor; hold us upside down and shake all the nonsense out.” ~Hafiz

You are Daniel, and the lion’s den, ignorance; what you fear is naught
but absence of your whole presence..

And though there may be degree of intimacy, love’s equality knows no privacy; for in transparency does love glisten, and sweet vulnerability is love’s beacon..

love overflows from withinAll form and deed you see, is the life of love, or a cry for love; thus is love truly life’s only remedy..

“The world is not to be put in order; the world is order, incarnate. It’s for us to harmonize with this order.” ~Henry Miller

As a spring overflows from within, love permeates and saturates, one unto all; thus all is one..

A twinkling smile, or blushing cheek, in kindness beamed, does heart speak; a mere passing glance, unveils love’s radiance..

“Only those whose hearts have been conquered by love know the secret language of the glance.” ~Faouzi Skali

For love is not conveyed playing of charades, nor in strategic innuendo
does love’s beauty flow; but open as the shyless air, yielding as a lover bare..

6-natural-loveAnd the naturalness of love to be, boundless, whole and free; the very life of life, shall I not deny, for only this can I be true, to myself and you..

“To know yourself, to surrender to the truth of yourself, is to surrender to love.” ~Gangaji

And to those whom may refuse, shall I offer no amend; for of love cannot be found, horizon to its end..

Nor could I possibly, outdo such perfect remedy; no island does exist of thee, adrift love’s swelling sea..

“What brings order in the world is to love, and let love do what it will.” ~Krishnamurti

Life’s lover am I merely, immersed of endless beauty; everywhere around me, love’s returning glance I see..

beauty unadornedNo longer shall I wither, veiled of shame to hide; but unadorned in nakedness, afloat love’s rising tide..

“Love rests on no foundation. It is an endless ocean, with no beginning or end.” ~Rumi

As the full spectrum of light exceeds detection of ones eyes; as the full frequency of sound exceeds capacity of ones hearing; as the expansiveness of life exceeds tangibleness of physicality..

So too does love, the very breath of life, exceed all confinement;
for love’s embrace of bouyant grace, is free of vocal fervent..

“Love cannot be said.” ~Rumi

For if you taste of love, and feel its vibrance coursing through; giving rise to every cell, aliveness ever-new..

Ye shall be swallowed in inclusiveness beyond all thought of exclusivity;
an embrace, all-encompassing, enlightening the darkest closets..

love unfolds youFor there are no secrets hidden from love; it is love that begins you, and love which unfolds you..

And would you know love, shall you be uprooted that you may fly; and disrobed of hiding, all which does defy..

“Stay here, quivering with each moment like a drop of mercury.” ~Rumi

Yet in love being, no discomfort nor disrespect is meant, for it is not love which harbors such lament…

And if I be true, to life’s sweetness; bid I must adieu, to all falseness..

For it’s not ‘my’ love, nor are you its origin; it is love itself which births all life clothed earthen..

love is tenderAnd all that’s asked, of me unmasked; to unveil the higher beauty, of love for love to be.

“All of life loves you, I know is true; I feel it flowing through my heart, onward to you.”

Copyright © 2011 - GreatOwlsPerch.com


1 LunaJune at 11:58 am

and wonder
you fill me with all three
thanks for sharing

2 greatowl at 7:43 pm

ahh, but life is wonder, and love’s light the filling… ;-)
Thank you, June, for your radiant presence

3 Dori at 9:22 pm

My heart is smiling. As I retire for the night, I take your words with me to sleep. Many thanks. You are a blessing to all.

4 greatowl at 12:19 am

As are you a blessing to all, Dori heart. Keep shining…

5 Gayle McCain at 10:50 pm


Thank you for the lovely poetry. It was just the antidote I needed for a conversant with someone who is still asleep.

As usual your writing evokes clear images, Teasing awake a yearning within for companionship. For I know that love is found first within my own heart.


6 greatowl at 12:25 am

Indeed Gayle, all begins within our heart; as we nurture that essential communion, all else unfolds perfectly.
**Hugs** and heart blessings to you…

7 LadyDi at 11:42 pm

Thanks to @DanielSunjata for sharing this page and the love within it. Thank you GreatOwl for your words. Bless

8 greatowl at 12:46 pm

Thank you for visiting and commenting, blessed heart… and thank you to @DanielSunjata for sharing.
Beauty’s blessings and love

9 Gayle McCain at 7:27 pm

In the beginning we walked the earth, gathering wounds and baggage. Each story manifesting as though were a piano key, until finally every string on the instrument of the person is played at once. Jangling, irritating, the walking wounded. Painful for others to hear. To be near. And though we love them, (were them once) it is difficult to be near these discordant beings. (For which we owe apologies for both our annoying behaviors and our intolerance of others as we grew out of it.)

Eons turn. We grow gentler, kinder, softer. Letting go of the old ways for they never did work. Discovering the love within that we thought we had lost.

With each pain released, we play one less note, until in the end each healed soul is such sweet music – perhaps a solitary flute note – and finally the soul’s harmony that was hoped for, dreamed of, can now be heard. Each melody glorious in its own right, expressions of the Universe expressing itself though Love.

And when two melodies come together. Ahhhh the harmonies they create together are far greater than the sum. Harmonics of Love spreading out into the world. Coming together for a moment, a friendship or an eon – the love that is brought into the world soothe and heal all who are ready.

More there is and other poets have written over the ages with skill that I do not yet possess. Patiently knitting words together, syllable by syllable, color by color, until each word stitches together into a tapestry, creating beauty, warmth and strength.

It is the love that expresses itself, through us, with us, and to us when we are ready.


10 greatowl at 3:20 pm

Thank you, Gayle, for visiting and sharing! And please forgive me for the delay of finding your sharing; I’ve been unplugging from technology more and more of late.

I know not of the beginning, yet have found wounds/baggage often to be self-inflicted, and relative to stories of which we’ve either created or accepted. Yet, still, love expresses tanigbly and intangibly, beyond imagination, reason and preference; blessings in disguise.

Last spring/summer I played in the soil establishing several garden areas around home, planting all sorts of wild flowers and shrubberies native to this area. Amidst playing… inseparableness… what I did in the soil or with the plants, corresponding to happenings within me… and vice versa.

The life of nature, our life; the nature of life, our nature. Indivisibly one the same life, one the same nature.

This spring, gleefully witnessing the return, first of spouts, to fully growing plants, the early spring flurry of blossoms, now fading and giving way to early summer blooms bursting. Whether ready or not, whether pausing to see it or not, love ever-expressing. How much sweeter it is to take it all in; love’s beauty expressing within, throughout, indivisibly one.

Perhaps readiness is merely an allowing… peering past stories contrived of mental/emotional blinders/restrictions, dissipating clouds of illusioned separatedness, to find what is, always… love’s beauty ever-expressing.

Beauty’s blessings to you, dear heart

11 Gayle McCain at 5:14 pm

This spring I Listened to a Butterfly Bush as it told me where to trim, and what to leave alone.

And then I fell into the 3d world once again and was befuddled.

But over the months of this year – I have become less and less the crystalbutterfly and more and more just me. Whoever that is.
I am glad you are well.
Blessings to you, my friend.

12 greatowl at 9:41 pm

Ahh, how comforted we are with defining and identifying, yet we are, still, so far beyond such limitation.

“It is in the unknown that we live and move; the known is the past.” ~Maharaj Nisargadatta

I laugh at myself. This spring I eagerly observed every sprout emerge, quickly attempting to identify each beginning leaf, in hopes that all I planted last year would return. (they all did, along with many new “babies” from so many self-seeding over the winter). Further, still, I researched each spring blossoming member of the garden family to determine how best to care for them, and which lend themselves to reblooming if deadheaded. Sometimes identification need not be a restriction, eh?

One of the plants I researched has most folks deadheading it for a longer season of blossoms. Yet, when I went to do so, I felt so strongly not to, that I didn’t. I’ve since learned that although it is a perennial, it is considered a short-lived variety, each plant living 4 to 6 years. By allowing the blossoms to fade and seed pods to form, ensures it’s continuance. Not that this is why I felt it discouraging me from doing so… yet, a sweet reward all the same.

Isn’t it funny how often we find to seemingly walk/act/choose opposite, is actually “in the flow”?

Perhaps known or unknown isn’t really as important as simply, being.

Walk on, sister…

Glad you are well, too, dear friend.

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