Beyond who you 'think' you are, is who you really are - more beautiful than can be imagined - patiently awaiting your permission to unfold the fullness of life which you exist to experience.

Herein will be shared notes from this field-trip called life; from a death experience at age 10, to Awakening and its continual Divine Unfolding. May you, too, choose your True Self - the only guide you'll ever find without ulterior motive - unfolding always your Radiant Birthright.
~ Marc GreatOwl

Dear Hearts of Radiant Love, I wish to share with you this beautiful little Tree Spirit Being, sitting in the base of a tree behind my home watching the sunset :-)

As just a trickle of sunlight filtered through the trees, S/He found the perfect spot to bask in the waning Light of Love’s day.


Is S/He not absolutely lovely?! My heart soared to be allowed such an honor, and I could not wait to share this beautiful Being of Love with you!

Where Love exists, Life is.

I love you. All of Life loves you. You Are Love.

En’ Lakésh (I am another your Self)

Blessings and Love


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swan-flight1There is a quote repeated quite often which in my experience epitomizes the most profound duality of humanity.  As we have free-will, I place no judgment as to right or wrong, good or bad, yet, before concluding this as an enlightened quote, we are wise to consider it’s implications.

“Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” ~ attributed to George Bernard Shaw

As this post has been misconstrued, so often, please allow me to clarify my experience upfront: The only self we create is the ego, an illusory and temporal identity and the ultimate cause of all suffering. To find one’s Self is the choice of surrendering one’s false identity in exchange for unveiling True Self, the Divine Self, our inherent Birthright and from whom all lasting treasures are unfolded.

We are inherently creative. The world accommodates us as a responsive ocean conforming to and reflecting our projections.

There are a few questions begging to be answered, however:

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sunset while visiting Hawaii

The twilight was just falling,
yet I heard the joyous calling…
here comes a new morning,
here comes renewed life.

No more doubt, no confusion,
no more fear or sadness in my heart…
I choose to be a warrior,
a warrior of the Light.

Oh Birther, Father-Mother,
Creator of All That Moves In Light…
I AM coming home now,
you are in my sight.

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(For all those who feel unseen as who you truly are – we see you.)

There you are, sweet angel of heaven,
I know who you are, though I you’ve yet seen.

The world is glass, peer through the transparency,
The stage is yet cast, open your heart and you will see…

All of life loves you; I know that it’s true,
I feel it flowing through my heart, onward to you.

Come join in the song, let life nourish us with love,
It helps our spirit soar, our eyes open to above.

Now through the mist, we’re walking into a new world,
I’m back as I promised; hold my hand and we will spiral.

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Contrary as it may seem, my idea for signing up to Twitter was to use it as a practice tool for writing concisely, more so than meeting anyone. With its 140 character limit, it encourages clarity.

Gratefully I’ve met some truly creative and inspiring people.

Such as Oriana Green (, who has an extremely warm and inviting site at where she shares keen insights and meditations enhanced with her photography and graphic skills, and an infinite creativity and craftiness.

grndmthr1Recently Oriana mentioned a full moon with a link to her site. As an owl, I had to follow. Upon arriving, I was greeted to her post entitled; “full-moon confession, my life as a lunatic.”

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Welcome, fellow traveler!

This earth-sojourn of ours can be likened to a ‘field-trip.’ Literally. We are explorers immersed within a vibratory ocean of energy and matter, which responds to every output we project in thought, feeling, belief, intention and expectation.

Our bodies, a magnificent conglomerate of sensory mechanisms and living organisms which rejuvenate and sustain us, as we collect the fullness of sights, tastes, sounds, aromas and textures around us… all while formulating likes and dislikes, opinions and judgments of pleasant and undesirable.

Underlying it all, deep-down, a seemingly eternal search for some allusive and evasive fulfillment of wholeness and completeness.

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