Unveiling The Blessings Unfolding True Self

by greatowl


chalice-of-heartThe unveiling is upon thee, awaiting thy choice. With ‘eyes that see’ blessings unfold before thee.

Every uncomfortable reaction felt from a circumstance or person is but a message… an opportunity to release that which restricts Love’s unfolding.

Dwell not in discomfort of the message, nor cast blame upon the messenger. Be instead ever-grateful; what surfaces asks only to be set free, with Love.

Ye can release only those lower vibrational responses of which thou art aware. As ye surrender that which restricts thy Divine Nature, ye grant allowance to fuller expression of thy true Radiance.

The foundation of all discord and disharmony is fear; all fear is but protection of an improper attempt to fill thy cup. Fill thy Heart’s Chalice only from the Source of Love, and thy cup shall truly runneth over.

“Look what happens with a love like that – it lights the whole world.” ~Hafiz

Thou art loved beyond imagination, for thou art Love beyond comprehension. To be who ye truly are, necessitates relinquishing all which ye are not; Love provides the way…

As ye fill thy Heart’s Chalice from the Source of Love, all falseness is shaken loose. Recognize all discomfort surfaces only so ye may of free-will choose to relinquish it. Be thankful it presents itself, forgive thyself for its harbor… and Love it free.

As ye love free, so are ye freed; as ye bless, so are ye blessed. Attending within, unveils Love’s unfolding throughout; ‘Physician Heal Thyself.’

What ye choose to embody within, the outer world reflects, individually and collectively. Would ye change the outer, attend inwardly the unveiling of Love’s pure Flame.

Beloveds, the time is upon thee, the choosing ground; may ye choose to unveil thy Radiance, and Awaken unto thy Birthright, ever-lasting.

“There is only one time when it is essential to awaken. That time is now.” ~Buddha

Blessings and Love, always, in all ways,

Copyright © 2009 – GreatOwl



1 Gayle at 8:33 pm

Gentle Wisdom for the Searcher.
Encouraging words for the Self.
Exquisite Tenderness for the Heart.
Enlightening Wisdom for the Awakening One.
Infinite Love for our Exposed Soul.

Thank you.

2 greatowl at 10:47 am

Gayle, as always, thank you for your presence and sharing.

Your phrase “exposed soul” has been cause for pause… what a delightful expression. Perhaps it is the irony represented which speaks to me. Firstly, we develop defense mechanisms, shields to protect ourselves from vulnerabilities, yet it is in surrendering of this need to protect which opens the doorway to our true unfolding. Secondly, the world reflects what we harbor within, thus we are truly exposed. The blessings are forever before us. Blessings and Love, always, in all ways,

3 Dori at 9:03 pm

Dear Marc,
This is beautiful and a wonderful reminder. I’ve read it over at least 5 times today. My mind keeps going to a note hanging above me as I write:
1. Whatever comes up in my experience, do not take it personally. It’s not personal.
2. Realize it is only a projection of ego.
3. Forgive my ego-ness as I am human still and ego is doing what ego does.
4. In forgiveness of my ego-ness I can forgive others theirs.

Be well my friend,

4 greatowl at 11:03 am

Hi Dori,
The note you share reminds me of being gentle with ourselves, to ‘joyfully laugh it to the Light.’ To again be as a child in joy and excitement, is our natural state of being in this life-walk. And as ‘we forgive ourselves for errors of thought, all are forgiven from the shackles it wrought. The journey is wondrously enjoyable if we allow it to be so. Blessings and Love to you, always in all ways, my friend,

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