Voices of The Grandfathers

by greatowl


Voices of The GrandfathersThere is so much beauty if one takes the time to see it. If only the dogmas of humanity are placed aside one can see the beauty of all things.

The simple truth is there is beauty in all that is. There is beauty in you as there is beauty in the cycles of life and death and renewal. In beauty lives the power of life.

Ideas of power do not mean true. Some seem to have power over others but coercion of consciousness is not true power. Only what is true is power.

For one to live true is to walk the path of power. To live true is as the river and mountain live true. As the sun and moon live true. As the wolf and buffalo live true. As the butterfly and dolphin live true. As the tree and flower live true. In all that lives true is life’s power of beauty.

Beauty is born of what is true. This is the power of beauty. Beauty may be seen with the eyes. But the power of beauty is experienced from the heart. This is beauty’s way; the way of heart.

To live true is to live always new. All that came before filters perceptions of what is now. But every moment life is new as the morning is new. And what is true today will broaden with newer sight tomorrow.

Life is newWhat the mind grasps is a memory of what is no longer new. Every moment cells are born and replace cells which die. You are not the same from even a moment before. This is why living from the heart one may live true. From the heart flows life. Life is always new.

The mind mistakenly associates emotions with the heart. At times some think their heart is broken or suffering or heavy with burden. Notice how emotions follow closely behind what one experiences. Witness how emotions fluctuate with ones thoughts related to past experiences or future notions.

Reflect on how often emotions are found to be untrue. How many times has what is feared not happened? How many dramas stressed about never occur?

Observe where emotions are felt in the body. When one witnesses such activity from a detached vantage point it becomes clearer. The center of emotion is the solar plexus. Emotions follow the thoughts one entertains and attachment one places on outcomes of these thoughts.

true lives beautySome believe being true to themselves is to give expression to all thoughts and emotions. But everyone is tuned-in to the collective consciousness of humanity. Thoughts of all from all times are intermingled and merged into the stories one tells oneself.

As such most thoughts are not wholly ones own and most emotions are untrue. One may ask to who one is being true by gifting power to every thought and emotion?

A man or woman of power do not indulge in ways that giveaway or misuse power. This is a hard lesson for us all; not to giveaway power to thoughts and emotions. Gratitude and joy are the only emotions that serve one well. To witness without bias is a worthy endeavor.

If someone were to say they hate you or choose another instead of you, would your feelings be hurt? If so you would be giving away power to ones words and deeds. To gift power to such feelings is to giveaway personal power. To giveaway personal power in such ways is a misuse of life’s power.

living one with life

painting gifted to me hangs at top of stairs near master bedroom

Humanity is not the origin of power. Personal power is a sacred gift. To honor and respect such a sacred gift is to ensure its proper use.

Mayhap the most often misuse of life’s power is self-pity. Self-pity takes many forms and acts as a cancer in the consciousness of humanity. Anger, hate, jealousy, greed, lust, sadness and fear serve only to ill and drain one of power. To gift power to such thoughts and emotions is said to indulge.

Notice how some who are looked to as leaders alter views of others by inducing others to indulge in emotions. This is the root of all coercion of consciousness. This is why so many are distant from the guidance and wisdom of spirit. Too often many giveaway power without counsel of the heart.

To think is to imagine. To have opinion is to justify what is imagined. To believe is to have preference of what is imagined. To experience for oneself transcends what is imagined and believed by any.

If you ride a horse you do not believe or imagine you ride a horse; you know you ride a horse. So to imagine or believe is not knowing. What one experiences one knows. But not all one knows is true. To experience from the heart one may come to know what is true.

Living true

christmas gift painted by my two oldest nephews

To live steady from the heart is to live in true power. This is to live one with the spirit of life. To live one with the spirit of life is an intimately personal relationship for all. This is why ones path is not identical to another’s.

At times paths cross or parallel or have similarities with another’s. Paths intertwine merging and diverging. Still, ones path remains individually unique and wholly personal. What is true is not dependent upon anyone or anything outside oneself. But how one lives inwardly is reflected in ones outer experiences.

What is true is life’s power. Life’s power is said to be the spirit of life’s medicine. The spirit of life is sacred so all life is sacred. Sacred life expresses in cycles like a wheel turns. This is said to be the sacred medicine wheel.

All sacred power of the cosmos converge at the center of the medicine wheel. You are a living sacred medicine wheel and the center is your heart. In ones heart all that is true emanates and returns. This is the sacred hoop.

true is beautyTo live true is to walk the path of true power and experience the trueness of life. To experience life truly is living the beauty and joy of life; the sweetness of life.

Mayhap one may find this is the purpose of life; ones true life. To truly live is what it means to be human; to live so the love that is life experiences being.

One may place aside the dogmas of humanity. One may put away what has come before. There is no greater or lesser. There is no missing out. There is no race. There is new.

To live from the heart is to live new. The new awakens one to the fullness and richness of life just as each dawn awakens one new. This is to live the power of beauty. The power of beauty is the power of you. The power of you is always true. You are always new.

True is power. Power is beauty. Beauty is peace. In peace lives the real you. The real you is love. Love is life. Life is new. Live new.

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1 LunaJune at 5:57 am

Hello Great Owl… hope all is well under your sky.. a perfect day to recieve your post…your words found their way to my heart.. just waht I needed today
thank you
love and light

2 greatowl at 9:57 am

Hello lovely Luna June… thank *you* for stopping by dear friend. Ahhh yes the sky is well indeed; a beautifully powerful light show and thunder boomers last night followed by lovely sleep with the symphony of rain ;-)
Love and beauty’s blessings to you…

3 Pinwheelgirl at 6:07 pm

What a wonderful post, Great Owl, and of course perfectly timed for me. Your words always calm and settle me so that I can walk my path with a continually awakened heart. Sending much love and light to you…

4 greatowl at 10:13 pm

Hi Kendra dear heart… isn’t it lovely how perfectly timed life really is of its own accord? So good to hear from you… and I trust you’re beginning to see the freshness of spring coming your way! Blessings and love to you..

5 Gayle McCain at 7:36 am

Timing. Interesting that I did not find that you had written this sooner. But then I hadn’t asked the question. The contents of the question are unimportant to anyone but me. How I will deal with the answer isn’t clear, except that now I am able to separate emotion from truth. Time will tell what my choice is to be, for I do not know yet – it isn’t time.

What I do know is that this spring is sweeter and more vibrant than any I remember since I stood amidst the dandelions and looked at my tiny toes. Full of Joy that God had placed so many beautiful yellow flowers there just for me, with strict instructions that it was all right for me to pick them and carry them home with me.

And so this year I am once again appreciating the beauty of those little yellow suns shining in my grass.

I am.

6 greatowl at 10:18 am

Oh how delightful, Gayle.
Driving the road home recently, I was noticing the lushness; dogwoods and azaleas of pinks, mauves and whites, multi-colored tulips, the vibrantly fluorescent newness of tree leaves, and fresh grasses greening. The property I’m presently blessed to live is mostly all wooded, but as my home came into view, I was instantly smiling as the bright sun-smiling dandelions greeted me scattered amongst the green of the front lawn. Ahhh, how blessed is the sweetness of life.

Beauty’s blessings and love..

7 Dori at 8:20 am

7.29.11………Hi Marc,
Summer is well on it’s way and I sit under an overcast sky. The light rain has been quite lovely and is much needed. Also there is great beauty in the gray days. So this morning I’ve read your words and they hit home. Thank you for gentle nudges and reminders that help me to return to center in the chaos of these times as I see what is happening in the larger world and in my own sphere of life. The paintings you posted are lovely as well as the photos. In the picture of the grandfathers the gentleman on the left reminds me of pictures of my great-grandfather. Interesting.
I hope all is well in your part of the world.
Blessings & Love,

8 greatowl at 12:54 pm

Hello Dori heart,
All is well here and enjoying the summer, even if much busier than summers past. The picture you speak of is actually where I super-imposed several together. It is interesting one reminds you of your great-grandfather :-) What a lovely reminder! Stay strong and remain centered… remember that the chaos is merely the breaking-down of falsities that truth shall reign.
Blessings and love,

9 Anna at 6:43 pm

I love this xo

10 greatowl at 12:55 pm

Thank you Anna heart xo

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