Warrior of The Light

by greatowl


I Am A New Warrior (by Lynne V. Andrews)

I am a new warrior of spirit.
warrior-of-the-lightI exist in a world of sacred balance. I balance with one foot in the material world of substance,  and one foot in the dimensions of spirit and sacred Life. My course is set by my ally, the winds of time.

Mother Earth gives me life force, the life blood of my sacred body. The plants give me nourishment and healing, as I ride the wind-horse of my intent, my sacred warrior’s transport of buoyant joy, into a new and unknown world of harmony.

I am truly a new warrior, an androgynous spirit being of Light. My weapons are the shields of awareness, the symbols of ancient truth, and the sacred giveaway. Like the angels that surround me, few see me for who I really am.

I do commerce in the world; I raise my family, I live a life dedicated to freedom. I immerse myself in the physical world, so that one day I can give it up, for I can give up only something I truly have.

People learn from me through example, from the integrity of my own life and spirit. I move into the world with confidence and wisdom. I am always open and learning new tools of knowledge, and I share these tools with my sisters and my brothers.

I Am a Warrior of the Light. And I live the integrity of that truth with great care, from a center within myself that is pure goodness; the embodiment of the peaceful soul.

I walk with confidence the path of Heart and Sacred Power.

(‘Amen’ ~ “As it is said, so it is.’)

Blessings and Love, Always, in All Ways,



1 cande at 12:17 am

That was absolutely beautiful and lovely. It was a pleasure as always. Cande

2 greatowl at 2:47 am

Hi Cande, thank you for visiting! This piece has always been dear to me… it so beautifully expresses the core of things, doesn’t it? Blessings and Love to you,

3 Gayle at 12:32 am


Thank you. I needed this blog post 3 days ago… LOL. But even now, it is still what I needed to see. I thank you for honoring spirit enough to write it.


Gayle McCain

4 greatowl at 2:53 am


I know what you mean, my friend. In early through-mid 90’s I recited this so often I still know it by heart. I double-checked before posting just to see how far I may have diverged from the original over the years (I have a tendency to adapt things to how I can embody them) and was surprised to find I’d only changed one word. Sometimes the original speaks so purely to our heart it requires no alterations, eh? So glad you found value from this piece as well! Blessings and Love,

5 LunaJune at 10:08 am

From one light being to another..
Thank you for walking past my path :)
for it is in lighting the fire of another that is the truest gift of all
For being the mirror in which they see the wonders, the beauty that is reflected there from themself, that they just didn’t see.
Each day unfolds with more for me to know, and each day I give thanks for all the wonders that brought me here. To glow under the moon, connectied to the energy that is Life, and with the true knowing that it is connected to me, and it is in that knowledge that there is no fear, no worries.
Peace from my world to yours

6 greatowl at 2:05 pm

LunaJune, as always, so eloquently do you express the heart of it.

” … and each day I give thanks for all the wonders that brought me here.”

Personally, that says it all. Everything we’ve experienced, regardless of how we may have perceived it at the time, has assisted us to attain this moment of being… truly, there are only blessings even if at times disguised. We can be ever-grateful in the celebration that all assists in our awakenings. Blessings and Love to you,

7 Crystal at 12:01 pm

I balance with one foot in the material world of substance, and one foot in the dimensions of spirit and sacred Life… Beautiful!

8 greatowl at 2:12 pm

Hi Crystal, thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

It is such beautiful clarity, isn’t it. That part has always helped me to remain conscious that as spiritual beings incarnate in physical form, we are “in this world, not of it” and may choose to actualize our true being throughout our day-to-day lives regardless of what may appear as circumstances around me. Blessings and Love to you,

9 Dori at 10:03 pm

Dear Marc,

I enjoy your posts & tweets. I have found comfort, joy & food for thought in them. Thank you for this, too. It reminded me of when I took the Bodhisattva vow. “Being in this world, not of it” or “the change you want to see in the world” is not always easy. It is a huge undertaking, yet worth every step of the journey. As my heart-teacher has told me many times, “daily life is where the rubber meets the road” and “take up your meditation cushion and walk!” We are ordinary people and spiritual warriors at the same time. The battle is within and by gentle acceptance of our human-ness we tame our ego and at the same time cultivate compassion for ourselves & others.

This was a good read for the end of the day.

Love & blessings,

10 greatowl at 2:14 pm

Hi Dori!
Thank you so much for sharing, my friend. And, in alignment with our shared awareness of ego’s little tricks, I must defer credit for any ‘good’ derived from my tweets or posts to whom it rightfully belongs, our True Being… while claiming full responsibility for all inappropriateness of my human-ness.

It is as you share; an undertaking which requires our full commitment, for it demands our utmost integrity & authencity… we own our results, for we are the cause… yet deeply rewarding as we free ourselves of misaligned and unconsciously re-playing patterns. One way that has been helpful to me is recognizing that every single experience assists in the continual expansion of the awakening journey. In this way what might be perceived as an inner battle is transformed into a celebration of liberation every step of the way, embued with gratitude of each unfolding experience.

“Being the change’ or ‘in the world, not of it’ in my humble opinion, is a matter of focus. Our focus is what we feed power into being. We can remain focused regardless of what may appear around us. Easier said than done? Perhaps. It’s certainly easier to by into the projections of others… especially when it is an enmasse consensus… yet even a hugely agreed-upon consensus did not make the earth flat :-) We shall prevail, my friend. We have something going for us which illusion does not… truth.

Blessings and Love, always in all ways,

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